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Twin Earth DELUXE Fuzz


Hail Cosmonauts - your journey through the ether is almost at it’s end and you approaching..the Twin Earth! A fuzz pedal with a dark and terrible secret. A huge and increasingly meaty muff sound until ‘terror’ is cranked over halfway, then a gnarly snarling splattery overload with increasingly apparent upper octave overtones if you dare keep twisting the control clockwise. But what’s this? A ‘Chaos’ switch? Summon up the courage to flip it and all bets are off – the fuzz enters a new and strange dimension, the sound  folds in on itself, synthy sci-fiesque overtones appear, and the ‘Terror’ knob starts effecting the sound in strange and unexpected ways – oscillations, feedback, contact with alien beings, anything is possible. Keep your nerve, Cosmonaut - don’t flee as so many others have done before you, and maybe you too can maintain your orbit around ...the Twin Earth.

But wait - there's more!  Fresh from the lab - this deluxe version of the Twin Earth circuit offers even more mind-bending sounds - and additional front mounted 'Alpha / Omega' switch changes from the traditional huge ultra-saturated Twin Earth Muff-style sound to a gritty and raw vintage vibe. Combined with the 'Chaos' switch and the huge variety of sounds dialable-in when you tweak the Terror knob in each position there is SO much fuzz on offer with this pedal it makes me want to cry.

The Twin Earth is handcrafted in the UK by Nine of Swords Effects. It has a top spec ultra-robust 3PDT switch for true bypass, hand-cut circuit board, high quality input and output jacks and is housed in a sturdy pedalboard-friendly MXR sized enclosure. It can be powered by a standard boss style centre-negative 9vdc power adaptor (not supplied), or can be fitted with a battery clip upon request. Any questions? Ask away!