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Introducing.. the SATANIC FUZZ RITUAL - the new oscillating fuzz from Nine of Swords. This thing sounds mean, looks like a 80's grindcore/death metal demo tape, and gets very very noisy - so that's pretty much all bases covered as far as I'm concerned. What starts as a very overdriven fuzz sound can quickly get out of hand. Dare to tamper with the 'Summon' control and the ritual is on - howling, screaming, fuzz oscillations rip out and things get crazy - take off noises, sirens, demonic screams - think the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark but with fewer Nazis. Can't take it? Use the 'Panic' control to dial in a more controlled gated sound. Can take it and want more? Go nuts - raise hell -  see what you can come up with using the 4 interactive controls. There is so much noise in this box you could easily get lost only to surface days later, a broken and desperate victim of ...(pause for dramatic impact) ...the Satanic Fuzz Ritual!  

Handcrafted in the UK by Nine of Swords Effects, the Satanic Fuzz Ritual is powered by a standard Boss style centre-negative 9v adaptor. It has a high quality 3PDT switch fitted for true bypass, and uses metal film resistors, quality audio caps, and sleeved alpha pots. Features awesome Harry Clarke artwork, and our own guarantee of Nine of Swords quality.