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ALTAR Bass / Guitar Fuzz


Play bass but find pedals can rob you of your beloved low end? Playing a single coil guitar but still want that mammoth fuzz tone? No problem people – here’s our all-in-one solution - equally at home with bass, single coil or humbucker, no sacrifices need be made with the Nine of Swords ALTAR. Originally conceived and designed solely for use with bass, we decided it was too good to be kept in a cage and have unleashed it as is, to do with what you will. From a tasty bit of grit to earth-shattering bass fuzz tones with 4 strings, or an ice-picky twang to a majestic fuzz assault with 6 strings, the gain control makes it as versatile as it is capable of scaring small children and the elderly alike. Your prayers have been answered, noble bassist (or guitarist), come - worship at the Altar!

Battery clip fitted on request, this unit features a 3PDT true bypass, and is powered by a standard Boss Style 9v dc 2.1mm centre-negative power adaptor.