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Plunge into the deep and prepare to drown in the the new Nine of Swords noisemaker – the BURIAL at SEA.  All your favourite mammoth fuzz tones from the Nine of Swords Tyrant are here, but there is more... if you're feeling brave, sailor? Engage the second switch and prod the lurking horror that hunts this black abysmal sea...prepare to suffocate in an ocean of terror as Drift, Descend, Drag and Drown controls flood your senses with a nightmare of noise. This experimental oscillating fuzz unit is equally suited to guitar or bass, and interacts in unique ways dependant on pickup or guitar selection. Handcrafted in the UK by Nine of Swords, it comes with our trademark guarantee of absolute top notch build quality, and also features exclusively commissioned, and lets be candid here, TOTALLY badass Alan O’Neil artwork.
Gasp as your guitar’s natural tone comes to life and is subsequently utterly destroyed like never before with the Nine Of Swords ABYSS Tone Annihilator Noise Unit. The oak-aged, special-mix hand cut PCB, working in tandem with a sophisticated blend of private stock hand-picked resistors and capacitors, harnesses and enhances the natural acoustic resonance of your guitar in an open and transparent way. The carefully sourced NOS/VOS/TOTAL-BS digital delay chip carefully introduces a tonally-rich echo and reflected fuzz effect into your precious signal chain, while the three hand-tightened gamekeepers-special-reserve rotary control points help to shape and open up the detail of the sonic picture that defines you and your guitar.  The Abyss utilises our unique Nine of Swords ULTRA-TRU BYPASS™ technology to retain the warmth and flow of your guitar tone when disengaged using a special foot-optimized on/off switch. Each unit comes with our distinctive uniquely commissioned digitally enhanced artwork, and is housed in a pedalboard-maximized hand-enhanced tone-boosting aluminium enclosure.
ABYSS Tone Annihilator Noise Unit
Quake in fear, mortal, the Tyrant has arrived. This ultra gainy silicon fuzz pedal is custom designed to create the heaviest deepest doomiest scariest terror noise possible. A huge bottom end combined with a throaty bark at the mid range and a smooth creamy topping all points towards stoner/doom heaven. Crank the 'Hell' knob (we're subtle like that) past 2 o'clock, the fuzz turns to sludge, and those in the know run for cover. All hail the Tyrant!
Play bass but find pedals can rob you of your beloved low end? Playing a single coil guitar but still want that mammoth fuzz tone? No problem people – here’s our all-in-one solution - equally at home with bass, single coil or humbucker, no sacrifices need be made with the Nine of Swords ALTAR. Originally conceived and designed solely for use with bass, we decided it was too good to be kept in a cage and have unleashed it as is, to do with what you will. From a tasty bit of grit to earth-shattering bass fuzz tones with 4 strings, or an ice-picky twang to a majestic fuzz assault with 6 strings, the gain control makes it as versatile as it is capable of scaring small children and the elderly alike. Your prayers have been answered, noble bassist (or guitarist), come - worship at the Altar!
ALTAR Bass / Guitar Fuzz
Here it is, the Nine of Swords HEADACHE, our take on the classic Harmonic Percolator circuit ramped up to 11 (and a half), with a touch more versatility thrown in for kicks. The Headache is part OD, part distortion, and part whacked out square-wave noise machine. Capable of spitting out huge thick gobs of gnarly, sinewy, filthy noise, but also playing nice if (thats a big ‘if’) you want it to. In something of a departure for us this limited run artwork doesn’t feature a skull getting menaced by a goat or similar, but is this time a tribute to one the most deranged/vicious (and, consequently, awesome) records of all time. All you need now is a some metal guitar picks, a headful of wrong, and a desire to sing about certain aspects of the american trucking industry.
HEADACHE Harmonic Percolator
Introducing.. the SATANIC FUZZ RITUAL - the new oscillating fuzz from Nine of Swords. This thing sounds mean, looks like a 80's grindcore/death metal demo tape, and gets very very noisy - so that's pretty much all bases covered as far as I'm concerned. What starts as a very overdriven fuzz sound can quickly get out of hand. Dare to tamper with the 'Summon' control and the ritual is on - howling, screaming, fuzz oscillations rip out and things get crazy - take off noises, sirens, demonic screams - think the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark but with fewer Nazis. Can't take it? Use the 'Panic' control to dial in a more controlled gated sound. Can take it and want more? Go nuts - raise hell -  see what you can come up with using the 4 interactive controls. There is so much noise in this box you could easily get lost only to surface days later, a broken and desperate victim of ...(pause for dramatic impact) ...the Satanic Fuzz Ritual!
A VERY angry pedal and a distinctly lo-fi high-gain experience. This pedal chugs, screams and howls. It provides more gain than you can handle, and will lose you friends. This pedal hates you and wants you dead. For fans of true grind/hardcore/death and thrash metal. Available from www.thefuzzshack.com
Hail Cosmonauts - your journey through the ether is almost at it’s end and you approaching..the Twin Earth! A fuzz pedal with a dark and terrible secret. A huge and increasingly meaty muff sound until ‘terror’ is cranked over halfway, then a gnarly snarling splattery overload with increasingly apparent upper octave overtones if you dare keep twisting the control clockwise. But what’s this? A ‘Chaos’ switch? Summon up the courage to flip it and all bets are off – the fuzz enters a new and strange dimension, the sound  folds in on itself, synthy sci-fiesque overtones appear, and the ‘Terror’ knob starts effecting the sound in strange and unexpected ways – oscillations, feedback, contact with alien beings, anything is possible. Keep your nerve, Cosmonaut - don’t flee as so many others have done before you, and maybe you too can maintain your orbit around ...the Twin Earth.
Twin Earth DELUXE Fuzz
Like an explosion in a underground noise factory, this thing is disgusting. The meanest growl, the most tortured screams (courtesy of a needless but rather fun oscillation switch), the sound of the gnarliest most oversaturated amp and cab - all in one conveniently sized enclosure featuring some thoroughly badass artwork. Handcrafted in the UK and featuring our trademark top notch build quality. Touched by the Hand of God? You will be.


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