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Good quality pedal-board friendly standard MXR sized pedal enclosure - perfect for stamping on repeatedly, custom designed to protect your precious home-built pedal
1590b standard size pedal enclosures -112*60*31 mm
The big brother of the 1590b, this diecast enclosure measures an ample 120 x 94.5 x3 4mm - in practical terms this means you can cram even more stuff to make noise into it. Excellent!
1590bb large size pedal enclosure


The Fuzz Shack is home to the Nine of Swords range of effects pedals - classic circuits with a twist  - handwired in the UK to boutique standard without the crazy price tags.


Alongside the pedals we offer, we are committed to offering quality main components for your pedal build at reasonable prices. All our parts are selected specifically for their reliability, build quality and value .