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Welcome to the home of some of the least sound-engineer-friendly effects pedals ever conceived. If youre interested in transparent overdrives, smooth breakup, subtly boosted mids or sparkling top end thanks for stopping by, but this website probably isn't your thing.


COVID19 Update/Info - Because of the whole COVID deal, and a subsequent bizarre huge increase in orders (strange but true), I am currently running a 4/5 week lead time on orders, and any new orders are being put into a queue.  Some of the time I am able to get stuff out quicker than that, and sometimes they may take slightly longer,  but getting essential parts and components is proving a lot more difficult/almost impossible at the moment, and this is having a knock on effect on production times. Please hit me up with a message if you'd like any more info,k or have a query about anything, and Ill do what I can to help.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our service or products - what parts you need, what you'd like us to sell to you, that kind of stuff - if you'd like to, please do contact us directly at


[email protected]


with any suggestions.





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